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One of the most painstaking and time-consuming processes of mortgage lenders and brokers is assisting the borrowers in completing their loan application from start to finish. It requires a team of highly qualified mortgage professionals to move a borrower’s loan file from prequalification to closing.

At Allianz iQ Solutions (AiS), we offer assistance to mortgage lenders and brokers with their back-office work that save them significant amounts of money and time in completing a mortgage application. Our company ensures that it follows all applicable federal, state, and other regulatory compliance guidelines in order to produce high quality mortgage loan applications. Our loan officer assistants are experienced in various types of loan programs and help loan officers and brokers in choosing the best option for their borrowers.

Assistance That We Provide:

  • Prequalification – Our LOAs assist loan officers and brokers in prequalifying their borrowers. We review initial application (1003), borrower’s authorization, credit, income, and asset documents. We help loan officers and brokers to find the most fitting loan program for their borrowers based on credit analysis.
  • Credit Report Pulling – Our LOAs pull credit reports for the borrowers and review them, ensuring accuracy. We do mortgage searches and note any red flags on tradelines and making sure they are properly addressed.
  • Opening Escrow – We assist loan officers and brokers in opening the borrowers’ escrow accounts. We order preliminary reports, escrow fee quote, and other escrow-related documents necessary to move the loan application.
  • Submission to Processing – Upon completion of the 1003 and credit package, our LOAs submit the loan applications to our processor for thorough review and quality control.

Here at AiS, we ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services, specifically in handling the back-office work and daily follow-ups. This is the best time for your company to increase revenues while providing greater customer satisfaction, reducing processing times, and minimizing overhead costs! Contact us now.

Upon receipt of the complete application from our LOA team, our processors handle the overall income analysis and quality control. Our processors are highly-trained and act as pre-underwriters. We follow up-to-date overlays ensuring loans meet standards.

At Allianz iQ Solutions (AiS), we offer the competitive services in order to prepare your loan files for approval:

Assistance That We Provide:

  • Credit Package Review – Our processors review all documents such as credit reports, paystubs, W2s, bank statements, disclosures and loan estimates (LE), and run underwriting systems ensuring loans meet Qualified Mortgage (QM) requirements.
  • Collateral Review – Our team checks and reviews the collateral (subject property) and orders the appraisal report, making sure they meet overlays and guidelines. Our processors also request for applicable condo documents and insurance binders.
  • Verification Services – Our processors also conduct a number of verifications including employment and income (VOE), deposits (VOD), mortgages (VOM) and rental history (VOR).
  • Documentation Completion – Our team assists loan officers and brokers in completing the documentation requirements needed to close loan files. These documents are thoroughly listed in the conditional loan approval (CLA) issued by underwriters. We ensure that all documents meet certain standards in order to send the file for clear-to-close (CTC).

Let us help you manage the paperwork and just focus on originating and sourcing more customers. Choose AiS as your reliable partner for loan processing support. Ask us how

Our team at Allianz iQ Solutions (AiS) has vast experience in all areas of mortgage end-to-end process. We provide step-by-step assistance to loan officers and brokers from loan approval to post-closing.

Assistance That We Provide:

  • Conditions Satisfaction – Upon conditional approval of the underwriter, the loan is now ready for pre-closing. Our team provides assistance by acquiring all required documentations from all applicable parties. Once satisfied, underwriter tags the file as clear-to-close (CTC). We now request for initial closing disclosure (CD) and reconciliation of fees.
  • Closing – Our team assists loan officers and brokers in completing all prior to funding (PTF) conditions and validates all documents. We forward closing instructions along all required documents to escrow/settlement agent.
  • Post-Closing – Our team requests for the post-closing package and audits the closed loans to meet regulatory compliance.

Our team is experienced in handling closing and post-closing tasks that will enable your loans to move and close faster. Contact us for any of your mortgage questions and needs.